Date: Sat 3rd Oct
Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time (Approx): 5:00 pm
Price: €210
Demonstrations: 2
Hands on Sessions: 0

Foraged foods from local woods, fields, hedgerows and seashore have been an important part of Myrtle Allen’s menu at Ballymaloe for over forty years, quite a long time before the current trend for foraging emerged.

We have been enthusiastic foragers for decades. We will take you for a walk in the countryside in search of wild and foraged foods. You’ll be amazed at what can be found even within walking distance.

In just one day, you’ll learn how to identify and use over forty wild food plants, flowers, seaweeds and shellfish in season: rosehips, blackberries, watercress, sloes, carrigeen, mussels, sweet chestnuts… and maybe a few edible mushrooms, depending on the weather. Free ingredients that are fresher and tastier than almost anything you will find in the shops.

Why forage?

Wild foods have vitamins, minerals and trace elements that have been lost from many of the processed foods that we consume today: they are a really beneficial addition to our modern diet.

But apart from the skill of identifying wild foods accurately, one needs to know what to do with them in the kitchen.

So after a light lunch, you will spend the rest of the day with Darina, learning how to prepare your foraged harvest.

Depending on what we’ve gathered, we might make several delicious soups; tasty salads from autumn greens; jellies and jams from berries and fruit; not to mention rosehip syrup, carrigeen moss pudding, fritters and even sloe gin. You will have the opportunity to taste all the dishes prepared during the course.

A walk in the countryside will never be the same again. Where you previously saw weeds, you’ll now see dinner!

Suitable for chefs, professional foragers or for anyone with an interest in foraging for pleasure.





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