Mary did out 12 Week Certificate Course in September 2010 and has recently set up a new exciting venture matching people who want cakes with people who make cakes.

Bakers & Cakers: Bringing Cake Lovers and Cake Makers Together

After an initial test phase starting in 2017, Bakers & Cakers officially launched, making it easier than ever for people to find bespoke cakes they love while empowering small and independent bakers to run thriving businesses.
Bakers & Cakers is the brainchild of caker Mary Toner. With a commerce degree from University College Dublin, a post-grad in digital marketing, training through Ballymaloe Cookery School, and a resume which includes time at Michelin-Starred Chapter One restaurant in Dublin under Ross Lewis, an internship at the Peggy Porschen bakery in London, plus a stint on TV3’s Head Chef & RTE, her diverse background lends itself well to the platform.
However, it was while working as brand manager for Ladurée in Dublin while crafting cakes during the off-hours that Mary had an epiphany. Many of the people she knew who were in similar situations simply weren’t getting orders despite being incredibly talented. Meanwhile, clients were sending her Pinterest photos of cakes they liked from other bakers hoping she could recreate them, and while she was able to help a great many, she was turning work away. 
The obvious solution, of course, was to blend all these concepts together; to give bakers a platform where they could share their work, be found easily by customers , painlessly manage admin all while leaving them free to do what they do best.... create edible works of art. No longer is managing the business end of a bakery a barrier to success. Furthermore, people are now able to order the perfect cake from a skilled local baker after reviewing that baker’s own portfolio. Whether you’re a baker or just love cake and other goodies, Bakers & Cakers has got you covered.
For the cake maker ....Expand Your Business;
Love to bake, but not sure how to get your treats off Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and a labyrinth of social media platforms and into the hands of actual customers? Bakers & Cakers is here to support you and we understand the challenges you face because we’ve been there too.
If you’ve explored having your own website built before, you know all too well what it looks like. You’re investing thousands for something akin to placing a shop out in the country where nobody will find it. If you want it more discoverable, it costs more. If you want it personalised, it costs more. If you need to be able to sell your cakes on it… yes, the price goes up even more. None of this includes maintenance or ongoing costs either.
Our robust platform gives you a customisable digital footprint without the hassle and expense of crafting a website, making you instantly discoverable by a greater audience. It’s like having a shop in the city centre with hundreds of people passing by every day who already want what you have to offer; a storefront that attracts new customers and enables prior customers to find you fast with a quick Google search. Plus, your personalised Bakers & Cakers storefront works just like a website does and it’s as easy to maintain as a Facebook page.
We also make managing the business end of things much simpler; a plus whether you’ve already invested in a site or want an all-in-one solution. With Bakers & Cakers, you’ll be able to tap into powerful business management solutions you can’t get anywhere else. Our premade forms, such as liability releases and allergy indications to provide customers, allow you to protect your investment and offer a more professional air. Booking is a breeze with intuitive industry-specific messaging and booking forms to gather all the data you need. Getting paid is faster and easier with our built-in invoicing and an online payment portal. We offer this and so much more. To learn more about working with us, start here.( https://bakersandcakers.com/join )
for the cake customer ...Find the Perfect Cake for Your Special Day;
Tired of store-bought Birthday Cakes , looking for your dream wedding cake, need a vegan cake or are you looking for something truly memorable for your next event? Bakers & Cakers leverages unique technology which makes searching for the right bespoke cake a breeze. Just run a quick search by specialty, location, or occasion and explore a wealth of HSE-Certified bakers who can see to your needs. 
Or, not 100% sure what your looking for ?Begin by browsing our Pinterest-style inspiration boards, such as the Bridal Boutique, Nutty Novelty, Kiddies Corner, and Corporate treats, then save your favourite cake maker or cake to your personal account , so you can find them with ease when you’re ready to order. Best of all, when you order through Bakers & Cakers, you’re not only getting custom hand-made treats,a personalised service and a guaranteed HSE registered cake maker but you’re supporting local small businesses. Talk about sweet! To begin your search for the perfect treat, start here.( https://bakersandcakers.com )